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Company History
The Company Mawson International Pty Ltd was established in November 1996. The founder of the Company Michael Mawson has about 40 years experience with Exporting Hides & Skins to markets throughout the world.

Since the establishment of our company we have developed a good reputation within the leather industry for delivering quality raw material to our clients. We pride ourselves on the close working relationships that we have established with our overseas customers and our ability to deliver the required material on time.

Mawson International works closely together with numerous Australian Meat Companies both here in South Australia and in other States of Australia. These other companies have actively supported our company and have enabled us to offer hides & skins from all Origins of Australia.

They have provided us with product to market overseas and have given us a strategic advantage over our competitors, which has attributed to our success. We in inturn have introduced their products into overseas markets in which they do not have full representation.

Product History
The product experience we have obtained and the contacts that we have developed through working in the Industry for the past 40 years has given us a solid foundation on which to establish and grow our business.

The company has particularly concentrated it's efforts with the export of products to overseas markets such as Italy, Turkey, South Africa and is now concentrating on the vast Asian market.

We urge you to contact us through either the Internet or Fax and allow us to make you offers of suitable material for your requirements.


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